Tourism in Dinard

Just imagine sandy beaches, lapped by the emerald sea that withdraws leaving hundreds of metres of uncovered beach lying in a lunar scenery. Imagine a medieval city hemmed with villas, all more sumptuous than the other. Imagine walkways along the seaside surrounded by exotic gardens with lush vegetation. Spending your holidays in Dinard opens you endless possibilities, each one more attractive than the last.

Many famous people have chosen to stay in Dinard, sometimes for a long stay: George Clémenceau, Winston Churchill... All around the city, you can see the elegance and sophistication that give Dinard its very special "chic". Whether you are sitting in the café of one of the Dinard's Grand hotels or sipping a cocktail at sunset, you will feel taken back in time to another era, just for an evening.

And above all, donc forget the sea! You can admire the sea from Dinard, you can dive in or explore it from a boat. Many companies offer all kinds of boat trips, for both small and large sea outings. You can also enjoy a kayak trip to the neighbouring bays, a good way to get away from the crowds and discover small and well-kept coves. Choose your holiday rental on our website My home in Dinard and enjoy all the benefits of this small Breton town with its unique charm.